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Please provide clear, concise instructions related to your order. (Ex: tone, examples, voice, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person, etc.) The clearer your instructions, the better your final outcome.

* If you give us access to a Gdoc, please make sure in the link-sharing option that you choose "On - Anyone with the link (anyone who has the link can access. No sign-in required)"

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Add Advanced Surfer SEO Optimization To Boost Your Ranking (+$15 per Article)

With this add-on, you’ll be able to create outstanding content that will outrank your organic competitors. Check SurferSEO.com for more information.

Check the box to get more information.

With Surfer’s Content Editor, you give us the keyword, and we get auto-generated guidelines we can adjust and send directly to our writers. We get a recipe for a perfectly optimized page that readers (and search engines) will love. Based on top organic competitors, we get reliable information about length, prominent words, common phrases, Q&A we should add to the content, and more.

No so-called “good practices.” Just pure data on what’s working right now for your specific keyword.

Once you add that to your order, in addition to the Word file article, we will add the Surfer's Content Editor link (here is a sample) with all the special guidelines from Surfer SEO and how we optimized it for you. You will also be able to export the article to HTML with all the formatting already implemented.

This is a great addition if you want to get an unfair advantage on your competitors.

It's $15 per article. Please choose the correct number of articles you want us to optimize with the Surfer SEO tool.

Please give us the main keyword of each article and the URL's of the top 3-5 competitors you have for each keyword that appears on the first page of Google.

You must make sure that the competitors you give us are on the first page of Google in the GEO you are targeting. If they are not on the first page - that's not something we can use. 

For example:

Article 1 main Keyword: How to do SEO

Competitor 1: moz.com
Competitor 2: ahrefs.com
Competitor 3: neilpatel.com

Important: We will use the keyword as is. If you have a spelling mistake - we will do the research using the misspelled keyword. Please double check that your spelling is right before submitting an order.

Please give us the location you are targeting. It will influence our optimization. By default, we will use USA.

In order for us to post the content for you, we need:

1. Instructions: Detailed instructions (you can record a screen capture video with Loom) or add an instructions document.

2. User: Create a user account for us. If it's WordPress, please give us the minimum access role possible in order to post the content for you. Usually, an "Author" access will suffice. Please provide the username & password.

3. Images: If you want us to add images to the post, you must provide them. We do not provide images due to copyright issues.

4. Any additional instructions for posting.

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